Joao Benedito
Futsal Player
Club 100

Joao Benedito Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Lisbon (Portugal)


Joao Benedito Details:

Name: João
Surname: Benedito
Date of birth: 7/10/1978
Place of birth: Lisbon
Height (cm): 177
Weight (kg): 74
Profession: Futsal Player
Married with: not married
Shoes number: 42
Shoes trademark: Sponsorized by Puma
Sportsman: Ronaldo
Futsal Player: Daniel
Futsal Coach: Jorge Brás
Best squads in the world: Portugal
Best Halls:
Pavilhão Atlântico (POR)
Nave de Alvalade (POR)
Ciutat de Castellon (ESP)
Domo (GUA)
Match you remember (+):
in Portugal: all those I won titles
Match you remember (-):
Uefa Futsal Cup: Sporting – Playas (0-4)
Goal you remember:
Portuguese Cup: against Benfica (2002)
Titles – national and international:
Bronze: Guatemala 2000 - World Futsal Cup
Silven: Hungary 2010 – European UEFA Futsal Championship
Portuguese Championship – 98/99, 2000/01, 2003/2004, 2005/2006, 2009/2010
Portuguese Cup – 2005/2006, 2007/2008
Super Cup of Portugal - 2001/2002; 2004/2005, 2008/2009
Best Goalkeeper of the league - 2000/01 ; 2001/2002 ; 2002/2003; 2003/2004; 2004/2005; 2005/2006
4th place in University World Cup - Braga 98 and João Pessoa 2000.
Best Golkeeper- Braga 98.

1992-1994 União Desportiva Olival de Basto
1994-2006 Sporting Clube de Portugal
2006-2007 Playas Castellon
2007-2010 Sporting Clube de Portugal

After the Player Carrier you will remain in Futsal:
Don’t know, Maybe, whit my own time
Drink: Natural juices
Food: Everything
Car, Your Car: Porsche, Mini cooper
Clothing: Sport Style and casual.
Color: blue, green and yellow.
Actor: Nicolas Cage & Sean Connery
Actress: Nicole Kidman
Film: City of the angels & The informer
Book: Romantic and Financial Books
Music: All music
Singer: None in special
Town for living: Lisbon & New York
Place for holidays: Caribe & French Polynesia
Football club you like: Sporting Clube de Portugal
Pat (animal): Dog & Bird
Sport Game you like: All
3 wishes:
"Some" Money
Without Futsal what you would like to be:
Management (what I’m studying for)
Particular Hobbies:
Playing Tennis, Winter Sports, Squash


1st Match with the Portuguese National Futsal Team:
FIFA World Futsal Cup - Guatemala 2000
Ciudad de Guatemala (Guatemala)
Guatemala – Portugal 2-6

100th Match with the Portuguese National Futsal Team:
Friendly match
Beja (Portugal)
Portugal - Belgium 6-1 (3-1)

Joao Benedito

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