Blagovest Marev
Futsal Player

Blagovest Marev Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Varna (Bulgaria)



Blagovest Marev Details:

Name: Blagovest
Surname: Marev
Date of birth: 21/4/1983
Place of birth: Varna, Bulgaria
Height (cm) : 172
Weight (kg) : 68
Hair color: brown
Eyes color: brown
Particular signs: no
Profession: futsal player
Shoes number: 42
Shoes trademark: Nike
Sportsman: D. Berbatov
Futsal Player: Ricardinho (Benfica)
Futsal Coach: Javier Lozano
Futsal League you would like to play:
Division de Honor (Spain)

Match you remember (+):
MFC Varna – Benfica (POR)
Match you remember (-):
Bulgaria – Latvia 2:3
Goal you remember:
final four, MFC Varna – Nadin

2006-2009 MFC Varna

Drink: ice tea
Food: pasta
Car, Your Car: peugeot 206 cc
Clothing: official
Color: black and white
Actor: Al Pacino
Actress: holi berry
Film: The Devil's Advocate
Women you like: sweet and nice
Music: House
Singer: Tiesto
Town for living: Varna
Place for holidays: Varna
Football club you like: Real Madrid
Pet (animal) : no
Game you like: futsal
Politic: no
3 wishes:
to catch up golden fish

Without Futsal what you would like to do:
I don’t know

Particular Hobbies:
internet, tennis

Blagovest Marev

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