Paulo Barroso
Futsal Coach

Paulo Barroso Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Porto (Portugal)


Paulo Barroso Details:

Name: Paulo
Surname: Barroso
Date of birth: 18/5/1973
Place of birth: Porto
Height (cm) : 166
Weight (kg) : 75
Hair color: Brown
Eyes color: Blue
Engaged with: Sónia Lizardo
Children: 2
Shoes number: 39
Shoes trademark: Nike
Preferred Futsal Player: Ricardinho
Preferred Futsal Coach:
Jose Venancio Lopes Hierro
Preferred Futsal President: All

Futsal Career
2012/2013 Lyon Footzik Futsal
2001/2012 Coach in Portuguese National and district divisions

Drink: Beer
Food: All Portuguses food
Car: SUV
Clothing: Jeans

Town for living: Porto
Place for holidays: Dominican Republic
Football club you like: FC Porto

Game you like: Futsal

Without Futsal what you would like to do:

Particular Hobbies:

Paulo Barroso

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