Rafael Machado da Cunha
Futsal Physical Trainer

Rafael Machado da Cunha Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Porto Alegre / RS (Brazil)


Rafael Machado da Cunha Details:

Name: Rafael
Surname: Machado da Cunha
Nickname: Rafael Cunha
Date of birth: 07/10/1973
Place of birth: Porto Alegre - RS
Height (cm) : 170
Weight (kg) : 78
Hair color: Black
Eyes color: Brown
Particular signs: Little tattoo back
Profession: Physical Education (futsal coach)
Engaged with: Amanda Nunes Würth
Children: no
Shoes number: 39
Shoes trademark: Nike
Preferred Sportsman:
Bernardinho (coach of the Brazilian men's volleyball)
Preferred Futsal Player:
Vinicius, Brazilian futsal player.
Preferred Futsal Coach:
Fernando Ferreti
Preferred Futsal President:
Joăo Carlos (Federation of Santa Catarina)
Futsal League you would like to play:

Match you remember (+):
Inter/ULBRA x BARCELONA – Mundial final of Clubs (futsal)

Match you remember (-):
ESPANHA x BRAZIL – (Brazilian defeat) Mundial Futsal

Goal you remember:

Work with futsal in the last 15 years,
- State Champion First Division of Santa Catarina 2012;
- Third placed South Region Super League SC-2012;
- Turn 1 Champion of the Santa Catarina Futsal First Division 2012 (access to Special Branch 2013);
- Champion JUCS 2012 ((State University Futsal);
- Bi champion Futsal Cup Salto Veloso 2012;
- Champion Gaucho Silver Series Futsal (2011);
- Champion of Champions Cup Futsal (2011);
- 3rd Place Championship Catarina Futsal 1st Division 2010;
- Tocantinense Futsal Championship 2007;
- Vice Champion of Futsal Super League Midwest Region 2007;
- Champion Mato Grossense (Base category);
- 3rd Place National Futsal League (assistant coach);
- Champion of Porto Alegre Metropolitan Adult, Futsal;
- Champion League Futsal Canoense;
- Vice-Champion Gaucho U-20;
- Bi-Metropolitan Champion U-20;
- 3rd Place Campeonato Gaúcho Futsal Under-20;
- MERCOSUL Champion Cup Futsal Under-17;
- Champion University Futsal Cup UNISINOS;
- Vice-Champion University Futsal Cup UNISINOS;

Year Futsal Sallary: 2.000,00/4.000,00 USD
After the Player Career you will remain in Futsal:
Academic teacher

Drink: Orange juice.
Food: Japonese food.
Car, Your Car: Ecosport (ford)
Clothing: Lacoste
Color: Black
Actor: All Pacino
Actress: Meg Ryan
Film: Any Given Sunday (Um Domingo Qualquer)
Book: Sextas Sagradas (Phill Jackson)
Music: Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Bob Mc Ferrin
Singer: Bob Marley
Town for living: Sydney - Austrália
Place for holidays: Angra dos Reis – RJ, Brazil
Football club you like: Sport Club Internacional
Pet (animal) : Dog
Game you like: American Football
Politic: Nelson Mandela
3 wishes:
Competing for a UEFA final,
making a long contract
and always have my family around.

Without Futsal what you would like to do:
Be teacher, manager or sports psychologist.

Particular Hobbies:
Run, martial art and play guitar.

Rafael Machado da Cunha

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