Kristian Legiec
Futsal Player

Kristian Legiec Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Malmö (Sweden)


Kristian Legiec Details:

2011-2013 Umbro League:
Malmö City Futsal, 49 matches, 160 goals

Sweden National Futsal Team:
2013/2014 14 Matches, 14 Goals, 10 Assists

In the year of 2013 Kristian got voted by the swedish people to be the best futsal player in the country. Every season since 2011 he scored the most goals in Umbro League.

In december 2013 he played Nordic Cup with the Swedish National Team and also got chosen to the all star team of this tournament. After that he once again got voted as the best player. This time in Scandinavia.

In January 2014 Kristian played 2 games with the national team against France and in both of those games he was selected as the best player on the field.

In February Kristian and the nationalteam played against England and Kristian scored hat-trick with the results 3-2 to Sweden.

Kristian won also in 2014 the Swedish futsal championship with Malmö City Futsal.

Kristian Legiec

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