Umbro Futsal Awards 2007-> Best Goalkeeper of the World

UMBRO Futsal Awards 2007 - Best Goalkeeper of the World
Though his career started, between futsal and soccer, in the São Paulo state, the Tiago turning point was probably given by his move in Rio Grande Do Sul, wearing the John Deere (current Horizontina) shirt. As a consequence came the first cap with the canarinhos (june 2005 vs Croatia), while the absolute fame arrived through his new adventure with Malwee/Jaraguà. Then, an unbelievable career that crowned him as one of the best ever futsal "goleiros" of all times.

Great saves, great goals
The modern goalkeeper is not just a "miracles-maker" in his area and goal, he needs more. He has to be in love with the ball also through his feet. And that's surely the case of Tiago De Melo Marinho, a magnificent wall for the Malwee and Brazil goal as well as a constant reason to be worried for the enemy goalie. Need a demonstration? Just have a look... here! (6mb about if you choose to download it)

Winning 2007
Brazil or Malwee, no matter about the shirt. Tiago has collected every kind of title, being one of the most important characters of both rosters. To know more about those triumphs, just read the Ferretti's award details and tomorrow have a look at the Brazil's prize details. You'll find out that there is enough "stuff" to become the winner of the Umbro Futsal Awards 2007-> Best Goalkeeper of the World category!

Close up on Tiago, winner of the UMBRO Futsal Awards 2007 - Best Goalkeeper of the World 2007 category! (Photo courtesy: Goleiro Tiago Web Site)

Tiago (Photo courtesy: Goleiro Tiago Web Site)

Fica Tiago! It means: stay with us Tiago. Malwee's supporters don't want to lose their idol, as after the Liga Futsal 2008 some rumors were indicating the goleiro departure (Photo courtesy: CBFS)

Fica Tiago! (Photo courtesy: CBFS)

No hope for Macdovall, "a bola" is in Tiago hands (Photo courtesy: CBFS)

Tiago (Photo courtesy: CBFS)


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