AZERBAIJAN: 12 men definitive roster

Azeri FA
A peculiar choice the one made by Alecio. Not a mistake, Azerbaijan will take part in the UEFA Futsal Championships 2010 with "just" 12 players, as 8 names were cut off the preliminary list of 20 sent to UEFA. As already known the azeri roster is almost entirely based on the Araz block: 11 athletes and the brazilian head coach come from the dominant side in the country. A mix of azeri talent and brazilian technique will characterize the first ever appearance of Azerbaijan in a final stage of the continental tournament. The Azeri team is involved in group A with hosts Hungary and Czech Republic.

Other Rosters

Azeri National Team - Hungary 2010 final roster

Andrey Tveryankin (Araz Naxcivan)
Marat Salyanski (Araz Naxcivan)
Rizvan Farzaliyev (Araz Naxcivan)
Felipe (Araz Naxcivan)
Namig Mammadkarimov (Araz Naxcivan)
Vitaliy Borisov (Araz Naxcivan)
Biro Jade (Araz Naxcivan)
Thiago (Araz Naxcivan)
Serjo (Araz Naxcivan)
Rajab Farajzadeh (Araz Naxcivan)
Edigleuson (Araz Naxcivan)
Sergey Chuykov (Neftchi Baku)

Head Coach: Jos Alecio Da Silva

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