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Cardiff Cymru Futsal Club
Welsh team entering the FA National League

Cardiff Cymru Futsal Club will become the first Welsh team to compete in the FA National Futsal League, entering into the 2010-11 Midlands Division. The club will be made up from an amalgamation of the University of Glamorganís 1st team and the best players from the @Futsal centre in Llanishen Cardiff. It also hopes to provide an exit route into Futsal for the scholars on the Futsal Scholarship Programme with Cardiff City Football Club.

Furthermore, the club will be doing their upmost to promote the sport of Futsal in Wales throughout their debut season and hope to be instrumental in developing the sport in the nation, and a catalyst in setting up a 1st Welsh National Futsal team.

We would like to thank our commercial sponsors Total Teamwear UK for supplying the team with kit for the debut season, and Mad Cow Graphics for helping to finalise the design of the clubs crest.
The first game kicks off at home against last yearís winners of the Midlands region, and club of England captain Luke Ballinger, Chippenham Futsal Club on November 21st 2010, with the club playing out of the @Futsal Centre in Cardiff. Invitational trials and training will begin in the middle of September, split between the @Futsal centre and the brand new University of Glamorgan Sport Park in Treforest Industrial Estate. We are looking for experienced players to add to the squad for the upcoming season. If you are interested please contact the club by e-mail, cardiff_cymru_futsal@hotmail.co.uk or alternatively via facebook: click here.

Posted by Luca Ranocchiari --> luca.ranocchiari@futsalplanet.com


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