The Iranian scandal: will now Shahid Mansouri replace Giti Pasand in the AFC Futsal Club Champs?

Iranian FA
Courtesy: Tehran Times

Gitipasand stripped of Iran futsal title

24 June 2012

ISFAHAN – The Futsal Committee of Iran Football Federation (IFF) has stripped Gitipasand of its title in the domestic league for match-fixing.

According to IFF’s Article 41, Gitipasand’s title was revoked and the team was fined 80,000,000 rials ($4200).

In March, Persepolis was defeated 11-2 by the Isfahan-based team and Gitipasand won the title over Shahid Mansouri with a one goal difference.

Afterward, Persepolis General Manager Mohammad Ruyanian dissolved his futsal team.


Posted by Luca Ranocchiari --> luca.ranocchiari@futsalplanet.com


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