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Manchester’s FA Futsal Fives League
is proving to be the perfect opportunity for anyone to become involved in one of the UK’s fastest growing sports.

Eight teams from the Greater Manchester area are currently going head-to-head in the battle to be crowned league champions.

And Manchester Futsal Club U18s currently lead the way with an impressive 100 per cent record, showing that a Futsal background is advantageous in this league.

Teams have been playing to a high standard with several sides adapting well to Futsal and showing that any team can learn the game and progress to a competitive level.

There have been some terrific encounters and goals galore in what is proving to be a very exciting league.

And the two top teams in the league will be invited to play before a Manchester Futsal Club home game in The FA National Futsal League this coming season.

So as well as being able to showcase their skills in a 3000 seater stadium, the league also has the added incentive of a prize draw to win tickets for The FA Community Shield between Manchester United and Wigan Athletic at Wembley.

With Futsal being credited to developing world class talent such as Brazil legend Pele and Barcelona star Neymar, now is the ideal time to start taking part.

The FA Futsal Fives league provides players with the chance to sample one of the most pulsating sports in the world and could potentially result in a trial with Manchester Futsal Club should enough talent be shown.

Young players may want to use Futsal as an alternative, should football not be the right career path for them and Manchester can offer exactly that.

Currently one of the leading clubs in The FA National Futsal League, Manchester can boast England international players in the form of Stuart Cook and Ross Bond.

But what can Futsal in the UK offer newcomers?

It is a great chance to help develop technical ability, ball manipulation and close control and can result in an effortless transition onto the 11-a-side pitch – as demonstrated by La Liga outfit Barcelona.

The Spanish giants use Futsal as an effective tool at academy level and their quick pass and move style of play mesmerises the opposition to devastating effect.

Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas are the beating heart at the centre of the Barcelona machine and their Futsal past is clear for all to see.

So why not let your futsal journey begin by testing your skills in the Manchester FA Futsal Fives League? Who knows where it might lead.



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