AGLA Futsal Awards 2013 - Best Goalkeeper of the World
Dear futsal friends,

futsal is a fast and furious sport, full of great goals scored by wonderful players but... don't say that in the "weird world" of goalkeepers, as they would certainly disagree. And today we are ready to celebrate this peculiar but basic role in futsal, announcing the winner of the Futsalplanet Awards, the most traditional prizes of futsal, second category!

Yesterday we awarded an unbelievable talent from Santo Angelo (Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil) like , best woman player of the year. Sounds like an edition of the "futsal gaucho awards", as we "just" need to move 500 kilometers in the same brazilian state to find the hometown of this impressive goleiro. Hard decision due to the strong spanish competition, but Gustavo Lobo Paradeda "Juruna" from Pelotas (and Moscow, Russia!) is the winner of the Best Goalkeeper of the World category for the AGLA Futsal Awards 2013. Who will be next?

Dinamo Moscow and Russia can "sleep easy" with such a goal custodian, who grew up in some of the best brazilian clubs like Ulbra and ACBF before finding the worldwide fame in Europe wearing the shirts of Kairat Almaty, Sibiryak Novosibirsk and, as previously mentioned, Dinamo. Parabéns Juruna!

AGLA Futsal Awards 2013

14th edition by Futsalplanet.com

Best Goalkeeper of the World

Winner: Gustavo Lobo Paradeda "Juruna"

Best Goalkeeper of the World - Hall of Fame
2013 -> Gustavo Lobo Paradeda "Juruna" (BRA/RUS)
(Dinamo Moscow & Russia)
2012 -> Stefano Mammarella (ITA) (Montesilvano c5 & Italy)
2011 -> Stefano Mammarella (ITA)
(Montesilvano c5 & Italy)
2010 -> Mostafa Nazari (IRN)
(Foolad Mahan Esfahan & Iran)
2009 -> Santiago Elias (ARG)
(Napoli Vesevo/Pinocho & Argentina)
2008 -> Sergey Zuev (RUS)
(Viz-Sinara Ek. & Russia)
2007 -> Tiago (BRA)
(Malwee Futsal & Brazil)
2006 -> not celebrated
2005 -> not celebrated
2004 -> Luis Amado (ESP)
(Boomerang Interviu & Spain)
2003 -> Luis Amado (ESP)
(Boomerang Interviu & Spain

AGLA FUTSAL AWARDS 2013 - Best Goalkeeper of the World: Gustavo Lobo Paradeda "Juruna" (Photo courtesy: AMFR)

AGLA FUTSAL AWARDS 2013 - Best Goalkeeper of the World: Gustavo Lobo Paradeda Juruna (Photo courtesy: AMFR)

AGLA Futsal Awards 2013


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