New World Record Attendance for Futsal Match

56,483 watch friendly match between Brazil v Argentina
By Doug Reed @DougReedFutsal

A world record attendance for a futsal game was smashed when Brazil hosted Argentina for a friendly game on Saturday 7th September. There were 56, 483 fans at the Mané Garrincha Football Stadium in Brasilia which was renovated for the football FIFA World Cup and adapted to stage the futsal match.

The previous record, also set in Brazil, was 25,712 when Atletico Mineiro faced Río Miécimo in the final of the Brazilian league in 1999. The game was won 4-1 by Brazil with goals from Simi, Sinoê, Daniel and Valdin for Brazil and Lucho González for Argentina.

The record is just another example of futsal’s growth as the sport continues to progress worldwide. Brazil was where the sport was first developed but the sport is becoming more popular in both established and new markets such as Asia and USA.



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