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Friday Night Futsal

Each session (ages 13-17) is designed to develop each individual player’s skills. This is an opportunity to connect with other players to create a very rich and diverse learning environment. Futsal is played on a small field court with lines (not walls) creating constant pressured situations from other players and from out of play boundaries.

Players must learn to settle the ball rapidly, cut sharply, shield effectively, pass quickly, and move into space, all done with a weighted Futsal ball with less bounce and fewer players on the field. This promotes mastery of skills in footwork and proper body mechanics.

The session will start with a technical warmup and guided skill development. Players will sharpen their footwork with the Futsal ball and move into the second part of the session reserved for competitive play. Non-marking court shoes and shin guards are required.

Questions or concerns? Free agents looking for a team? Call Stephen Beck at (530) 333-5842. Fridays Feb. 10-March 17 or March 24-April 8 from 7:30-9 p.m. at the CP Community Center Gym. Fee is $54. For information and to register for classes please contact the district at 530-677-2231 or visit cameronpark.org.

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