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Representing Oz in Futsal

SIXTEEN year old Ali Field will represent Australia for futsal in Spain and the United Kingdom in November.

by Elizabeth Flaherty

February 06, 2017

Ali is one of nine players selected for the under 17 side and her high school St Joseph’s, Aberdeen has a strong track record of producing national futsal players.

“I started four years ago at school and then from the school competition I got picked to go up to Brisbane and then I decided to trial for a competition down in Sydney where I got picked to go down to the titles,” Ali said.

“My friends have been very encouraging,” she said.

Ali has had to do a lot of travelling for the sport she loves, her parents Sonia and Ricky regularly travel the east coast taking her to games and to Newcastle and the Central Coast for training.

To assist with expenses they have established a GoFundMe page and have donation boxes in the Kodak Shop, Regional Bank and Craig’s Physiotherapy.

“Mum and Dad were hoping to pay for it but we have stuff everywhere like moneyboxes in businesses down the street and a go fund me page,” she said.

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