UEFA Futsal Cup 2004/2005

UEFA Futsal Cup 2004/2005
Today in Nyon (Switzerland) have been drawn the UEFA Futsal Cup 2004/2005 groups of the preliminary and first round. Here are the results of the draw and all details about the procedure.

* In bold the group hosts

The first round winner will be shared in this way:

Group A: groups 1-3-5-7 winners
Group B: groups 2-4-6-8 winners

Preliminary round - Sheffield (England)

- Sheffield Hallam (England)
- Tirana Tirane (Albania)
- Mag Varna (Bulgaria)

Group 1 - Beograd (Serbia & Montenegro)

- Boomerang Interviu (Spain - reigning champion)
- Marbo Beograd (Serbia & Montenegro)
- 1. SC Incar Nitra (Slovakia)
- Cap del Carrer (Andorra)

Group 2 - Skopje (Macedonia)

- MNK Split (Croatia)
- Dorozhnik Fanipol (Belarus)
- Skopje Tandem Go (Macedonia)
- Kairat Almaty (Kazakhstan)

Group 3 - Chrudim (Czech Republic)

- Sporting Clube de Portugal (Portugal)
- Camelot Chisinau (Moldova)
- Era Pack Chrudim (Czech Republic)
- Armenia (team to be confirmed)

Group 4 - Heerhugowaard (Netherlands)

- El Pozo Murcia Turistica (Spain)
- FC Marlene (Netherlands)
- Karaka Mostar (Bosnia Herzegovina)
- Ararat Nicosia (Cyprus)

Group 5 - Bucuresti (Romania)

- Action 21 Charleroi (Belgium)
- Inkaras Kaunas (Lithuania)
- Ilves FS (Finland)
- Bodu Bucuresti (Romania)

Group 6 - Krakow (Poland)

- Dinamo Moscow (Russia)
- Baustal Krakow (Poland)
- Iberia 2003 (Georgia)
- Runner Up Preliminary Round

Group 7 - Baku (Azerbaijan)

- Arzignano Grifo (Italy)
- Turan Air Baku (Azerbaijan)
- Svea (Slovenia)
- Bugroff Riga (Latvia)

Group 8 - Budapest (Hungary)

- Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine)
- FC Rubeola Csomor (Hungary)
- Israel (team to be confirmed)
- Winner Preliminary Round

4th FUTSAL CUP 2004/05


Preliminary round played in a form of 1 mini-tournament (Group A)

3 teams in 1 pot: Tirana (ALB), Sheffield Hallam (ENG), MAG Varna (BUL)

Pot 1 containing the bottom-ranked teams in the coefficients (3 teams)

UEFA has already decided on the host allocation. The host, Sheffield Hallam, will be allocated as Team 1 in the group. The other two teams are drawn randomly.

1st Qualifying Round (played in a form of 8 mini-tournaments of four teams - Group 1 to 8)

30 teams + winner and the runner-up of the preliminary round in 5 pots:

Pot 2: hosts (8 teams) chosen by UEFA Administration (in bold)
Pot 3: associations ranked 1 to 8 in the coefficients.
Pot 4: associations ranked 9 to 16, in the coefficients less hosts
Pot 5: associations ranked 17 to 24 in the coefficients, less hosts
Pot 6: associations ranked 25 to 32* in the coefficients, plus the winner and the runner-up of the preliminary round, less hosts.

Pot 2 containing the hosts (8 teams)
draw of the 8 teams into the 8 groups in descending order (1-8) the position in the group is determined by the coefficient ranking.

Pot 3 containing 8 teams (the 8 best-ranked teams)
draw the 8 teams into position 1 in the 8 groups in descending order (1-8).

Pot 4 containing 3 teams (next 8 ranked teams not including hosts)
draw the 3 teams into position 2 in the 8 groups in descending order (1-8), missing out the groups which already have teams assigned to position 2 as hosts.

Pot 5 containing 6 teams (next 8 ranked teams not including hosts)
draw the 6 teams into position 3 in the 8 groups in descending order (1-8), missing out the group which already have team assigned to position 3 as host.

Pot 6 containing 7 teams (next 8 ranked teams* not including host)
draw the 6 teams into position 4 in the 8 groups in descending order (1-8), missing out the group which already have team assigned to position 4 as host.

*Greece does not participate

4th FUTSAL CUP 2004/05


Preliminary round Group A

Pot 1 (3 teams)

Tirana (ALB)
MAG Varna (BUL)
Host: Sheffield Hallam (ENG)

Qualifying Round Group 1 - 8

Pot 2 (8 teams)


KMF Skopje Tandem Go (MKD) pos. 3
Turan Air Baku (AZE) pos. 2
Era Pack Chrudim (CZE) pos. 3
FC Bodu Bucuresti (ROM) pos. 4
FC Marlne (NED) pos. 2
Baustal Krakw (POL) pos. 2
Marbo Beograd (SCG) pos. 2
Rubeola FC Csmr (HUN) pos. 2

Pot 3 (8 teams)
Teams ranked 1 to 8:

Boomerang Intervi (ESP)
El Pozo Murcia (ESP)
Action 21 Charleroi (BEL)
Sporting Clube de Portugal (POR)
Arzignano Grifo C/5 (ITA)
MNK Split (CRO)
Shaktar Donetsk (UKR)
MFC Dinamo Moscow (RUS)

Pot 4 (3 teams)
Teams ranked 9 to16
less hosts:

Dorozhnik Minsk (BLR)
FK Inkaras Kaunas (LIT)
Camelot Chisinau (MDA)

Pot 5 (6 teams)
Teams ranked 17 to 24
less hosts:

KMN Svea Lesna Litija (SLO)
1. SC INCAR Nitra (SVK)
KMN Karaka Mostar (BIH)
Iberia 2000 (GEO)
Israel (name, tbc)
Ilves FS (FIN)

Pot 6 (7 teams)
Teams ranked 25 to 32*
less hosts:

Kairat Almaty (KAZ)
Ararat Nicosia (CYP)
Armenia (name, tbc)
F.S. Cap del Carrer (AND)
Bugroff Riga (LAT)
Winner Preliminary round
Runner-up Preliminary round

*Greece does not participate



Out of 17 bids, UEFA Administration has chosen the hosts of this competition according to the following criteria (set in Annexe I, point 2 of the Regulations):

Reports from the UEFA Tournament Administrators
Have not organised more than twice
Quality of the infrastructures (halls, hotels)
Travelling distances
Opportunity for promotion in emerging countries


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