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Iranian Super League
Interesting report on the Iranian Super League, won by Shensa Saveh for the first time in its history.

Courtesy of our collaborator from Iran Mahdiar Ghaffari

Savojies finally reached their old dream and got the Iranian League title for the first time. It was a nice night for Saveh city and its people to hold the Futsal National League by the captain, Moslem Tolouei in Fajr hall. It was the first time that a sport team from Saveh city won a title in national leagues. They beated the sub-champions Shahid Mansouri Gharchak by 5 goals in the last night. Eram Kish Qom destroyed Tonekabon's Shahrdari by 12 goals when Shamsaei was absent in the squad list, and Qomies stood on the 3rd step. It was strange for the capital's clubs to not reach any of 3 top rows of the table, while all the last 5 leagues had been won by Tehranies. Rahahan who got the 4th row was the most successful Tehrani team of the league.
If the AFC accepts Iranian futsal committee's offer to hold the first Asian Champions league in year 2004, then Shensa will be the Iranian representative there.
But how Shensa got the title? Powerful management? Good coach? Talented and good players? Encouraging of fans? Or even weakness of the other teams? All of them helped Shensa to win the title, but if you are looking for the main reason, you should change your mind to the last season coach of the club, Seyed Mehdi Abtahi. His great jobs in last years are clear in team's harmonic works. Keeping a group of players for years and working together caused that Shensa can show great team works by Saeed Tahmtan's ability, and reach the title having 12 point more than the second team. You should also add weakness of Esteghlal & Pas in this season that helped Shensa so much. Esteghlal lost 4 of their top last seson players, Vahid Shamsaee, Mohammadreza Heidarian, Reza Naseri, & Ahmad Baghbanbashi, and attended in the league with some young talented players with the average year less than 23 years. But Pas started the season very well with Saeed Akhoundi as a coach. They were the leader o
f the season, when Akhoundi resigned after losing to Rahahan, and the club's president substituted him by Hosein Shams. The man who had won the 2002-2003 season with Pas, but he left an awful result for Pas this season. Pas with a group of national players had gained the Mid-season leadership with 28 points, but they only gained 7 points in the return leg, and fell into the 5th row of the table. So it's a dark result for Hosein Shams who had lead Iran & Kuwait national teams before. Pas managers say that Futsal committee's programs and referees are the reasons of not getting good results by Pas !! But is it acceptable when they have 18 points less than Shensa and there is still one suspended match for Shensa that will be held soon ?! Pas have announced that they won't play in next season super league; we should stay and see what will happen.

But about the best and the worst of the season ...
No doubt that Hosein Shams is the most unsuccessful coach, but beside the winner Tahmtan, Abtahi can be named the other successful coach. He joined Pegah Gilan in the middle of first leg, when Pegah didn't gained any points and stood at the lowest row of the table. But Iran's captain and most technical player of World Cup 92 gained 25 points and avoided Pegah's relegation in the second division. He is one of the most valuable Iranian coaches who studies new tactics and strategies well, and even attends in courses that are held in different countries like Spain by his own cost. So if he remains in Pegah, they can be much stronger in next years.
But the most valuable & effective players, they are Vahid Shamsaee & Mojtaba Ahangaran. Eram Kish Qom was in 9th row before joining Vahid Shamsaee to them in round 13, but they finished the league with 3rd. And Mojtaba Ahangaran, the former player of Persepolis & national team, joined Shensa at the beginning of the season, but legal problems didn't let him to play. So he moved to Chini Hamgam Shehrekord on loan from round 10. He even missed 2 matches because of having 2 yellow cards. He played 11 matches for Chini Hamgam and scored 31 goals, an unforgettable record.

The other records are:

Total number of matches: 131

Total goals scored: 1051

Best offence: Chini Hamgam Shahrekord, 108 goals

Worst offence: Esteghlal Tehran, 74 goals

Best defense: Shensa Saveh, 49 goals

Worst defense: Shahrdari Tonekabon, 134 goals

Best goalscorer: Mahmoud Lotfi (Shahrvand Sari), 36 goals

Most cards: Persepolis Tehran, 5 red cards & 35 yellow cards

Least cards (Fair Award): Shensa Saveh, 1 red card & 15 yellow cards

Mahdiar Ghaffari

Shensa Saveh, new Iranian Champion

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