France (Men Adult Tournaments)
T.I.F.E. Christophe Brisset 2008
Edition 2
City: Nantes (France)

Start Date:
End Date:

Organizer: FC Erdre
Contact: Mathias Juve
6, Allée des Salicaires
44240 La Chapelle sur Erdre
Tel: +336.


June 7th - 8th, 2008

On June 7th & 8th , 2007, the Erdre Futsal Club is organizing an INTERNATIONAL FUTSAL TOURNAMENT who is already considered since its first edition as the Futsal Tournament “reference” in France. This invitational tournament will gather 32 teams:
- 16 non-domestic teams
- 6 teams from Pays de la Loire
- 10 teams from the other regions of France

– according to a geographical distribution pre-established by the hosts.

Most importantly, the organizers will invite the teams whose records and fame can contribute to the prestige of the tournament. The competitions will take place in the area of Nantes, on two sites (La Chapelle sur Erdre and St Joseph de Porterie) offering 3 gymnasiums, i.e. a total of 6 venues all equipped with 100 to 1500 seat grandstands. The meets will be judged under the Regulations of the FIFA by a group of 12 accredited officials – some at an International (F.I.F.A) level.
Most of all, this tournament is a tribute in memory of Christophe Brisset – a model player of the Erdre Futsal Club Atlantic who died at the age of 32 on July 10th, 2006. His “buddies” were willing to pay him this tribute to keep his memory alive by naming the event:


French Version

Spanish Version

Portuguese Version



In the first phase, the 32 teams will be split into 8 groups of 4 teams; the 2 first teams of each group will advance to the main tournament and the others will play a consolation tournament.
The second phase will also proceed with groups of 4 teams, with the 2 lead teams of each group advancing to the quarter-final round of the main tournament in a single elimination format.
In the consolation tournament, only the first team of each group of 4 will participate in the semi-final. This competition format ensures every team plays a minimum of 6 matches, 4 on the Saturday afternoon and 2 on the Sunday morning. Only the teams qualified after the second phase will be able to play up to 3 additional matches on the Sunday afternoon, i.e. the finalists of the main tournament. The games will last 15 minutes, except for the finals of the main and consolation tournaments finals which will be played in 2 periods of 10 minutes.
Any match ending on a tied score will be followed by kicks at goal a shoot-out based on the sudden death principle of “sudden death” from the first shooter.
During the round robin matches, a win will earn 4 points, a win by shoot-out 2 points, a defeat by shoot-out 1 point, and a defeat 0 point.
The complete regulations of competition will be communicated to the teams at the general briefing on June 7th 2008 at 11 AM.


Saturday, June 7th :
From 9:30 AM on: Welcoming and checking of the teams; Assignment of the rooms at the WESTOTEL, La Chapelle sur Erdre (44).
11:00 AM : All participants briefing and address from VIPs in the Capellia Room, La Chapelle sur Erdre.
12:00 AM : Lunch with all the participants at the Géant Casino cafeteria, La Chapelle sur Erdre.
1:00 PM :The teams go their way to the place of competition – gymnasiums at Mazaire (La Chapelle sur Erdre) et gymnasiums of St Joseph de Porterie (Nantes).
2:0 PM : Beginning of the first phase round robin matches (3 games per team).
6:00 PM : End of the first phase round robin matches.
7:00 PM : Beginning of the second phase round robin matches (1 game per team) 8:15 PM: End of the first round robin matches of the second phase.

Free evening for all the participants.

Sunday, June 8th
9:30 AM : Round robin matches of the second phase (continued) (2 games per team).
12:00 AM : End of the second phase round robin matches.
12:00 AM/1:00 PM : PM: Lunch with all the participants at the Géant Casino cafeteria, La Chapelle sur Erdre.
2:00 PM : St Joseph de Porterie: beginning of the third phase – matches by single elimination (from the quarter-final round).
5:00 PM : Consolation Tournament Final.
5:30 PM : Main Tournament Final.
6:30 PM : Closing cocktail – End of the tournament.



Highly determined to provide an unequalled level of performance in France, the Organizing Committee of the "Christophe Brisset EIFT 2008" has set up an exceptional logistics plan, with an ongoing objective to minimize the distances between the different strategic sites (accommodations, restaurants, gymnasiums, etc.). The overall plan is thus concentrated within a radius of 3 kilometers around the accommodation place of the teams. The competitions will take place on two sites, each of them offering 3 gymnasiums with grandstands (from 100 to 1500 seats), located in La Chapelle sur Erdre (Mazaire) and Nantes/St Joseph de Porterie.

All the delegations will be accommodated on one single site: the beautiful 3* WESTOTEL hotel complex specifically equipped with a swimming pool, saunas, a fitness center, an auditorium and offering a free high speed Internet access in every room as well as a jack socket on televisions.

The WESTOTEL offers the advantage of being equidistant from the Mazaire (La Chapelle sur Erdre) sport complex and the gymnasiums in St Joseph de Porterie, that is less than 5 minutes by car.

On the Saturday and Sunday, the delegations and organizers will be provided lunches (first course, main course, desert) at the Géant Casino cafeteria of La Chapelle sur Erdre . A minibus shuttle service will transport the teams having no vehicle.

Finally, a diverse animation program as well as the attendance of several VIPs will bring a festive, prestigious and friendly character to the event.



The engagement of the teams will proceed in three steps:

Step 1 : To participate in the "Christophe Brisset EIFT 2008"", your club must apply before January 15th, 2008, by completing the application form presented hereunder.

Step 2 : By January 16th , 2008, the Organizing Committee will establish a list of the teams “invited” to participate in the "Christophe Brisset EIFT 2008" in compliance with the following geographical distribution :

The Atlantic and Maine Leagues split as followed:
Loire Atlantique (2 teams)
Maine et Loire (1)
Vendée (1)
Sarthe (1)
Mayenne (1)
Others french regions :
The Paris Île de France League (1 team)
The Britanny, Normandy and Lower Normandy Leagues (1 team)
The North/Pas de Calais, Picardy and Champagne Leagues (1 team)
The Burgundy, Franche-Comté, Lorraine and Alsace Leagues (1 team)
The Rhone-Alps, Centre and Auvergne Leagues (1 team)
The Mediterranean, Corsica and Langudoc-Roussillon Leagues (1 team)
The Midi-Pyrenees, Aquitaine and Centre-Ouest Leagues (1 team)
Others French Leagues (3 teams)
Foreigns teams:
Belgium (3 teams)
Netherlands (3 teams)
Spain (1 team)
Italy (1 team)
Great-Britain (1 team)
Poland (1 team)
North Africa (1 team)
Other countries (5 teams)

Upon receipt of their “invitation”, the teams selected by the Organizing Committee will have until January 31st, 2008 to confirm their registration with a down payment of 140 Euros of their participation fee in the "Christophe Brisset EIFT 2008".

If the organizers haven’t received their registration confirmation by January 31st, 2008, they will send a new invitation to the first team on the waiting list of their Region or Country.

Step 3 : The teams having confirmed their registration through the down payment of 140 Euros by January 31st, 2008, will be able to pay the balance of their registration fee before March 31st, 2008 : 440 € - 140 € = 300 €.

The total cost of the participation amounts to 55 Euros per person (players and managers or accompanying persons), for a minimum of 8 people per delegation.

Example: If a delegation is comprised of 7 players and 1 accompanying person (i.e. 8 people), the total amount of the registration will be: 8 x 55 = 440 Euros.

If the payment isn’t received by that date, the “reservation” will be cancelled and no team will be refund the down payment of 140 Euros.

The accommodation at the WESTOTEL includes a triple room with single beds. The 3* rooms are all very comfortable, spacious (28 m2 minimum) and with air conditioning. For an additional 10.00 Euros per person, i.e. 65 Euros per person, you can also stay in a double room consisting of two single beds or a double bed. The registration fee includes:
The registration and participation to the tournament.
The Saturday and Sunday lunches (first course, main course, desert and individual bread).
One night at the WESTOTEL, on Saturday night
The breakfast at the WESTOTEL.
The free use of the shuttles.
The rate doesn’t include :
The beverages and coffees, the dinner of Saturday and other personal expenses.

A special rate of 32 Euros per person, including an additional hotel night and breakfast will be offered to the delegations who will need to be accommodated the day preceding (Saturday) or following (Sunday) the tournament.



The “Prestige” of the tournament will satisfy the most demanding participants.

Nevertheless, many prize and sporting goods will reward the winners and participants.

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Currently, those Teams pre Listed for the 2008 Edition

Winner Team: AJAMS Port de Bouc (France)

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