New Zealand - August 07, 2018 15:00Five questions to new Murexin's star Dylan ManickumFrom Auckland to Wiener NeustadtCover photo: Dylan Manickum in Wiener Neustadt (Courtesy: Murexin AllStars)

by Luca Ranocchiari - editor

As reported yesterday (click here to read our article) Austrian futsal was on the "cover page" due to the unexpected signing of New Zealand international player Dylan Manickum with national champions 1. FC Murexin Allstars Wiener Neustadt. A kind of historical achievement given the fact that the "old continent" clubs had some previous experiences with Australian players (country not anymore belonging to OFC since 2006, since its affiliation to AFC) and a four months trial with Playas De Castellon for Kurukuru (Solomon Islands) members Elliot Ragomo and Jack Whetney in 2006. Somehow Dylan Manickum will therefore be "the first" in exploring and tasting European futsal, starting from the imminent UEFA Futsal Champions League preliminary round hosted by the Austrian club managed by Rene Gaida.

We took the chance to know more about Dylan Manickum and his signing for Murexin AllStars, an agreement based on the mutual (great) expectations.

Your background in futsal. Have you always played in New Zealand till now? Let's talk about your previous seasons in futsal: team and individual awards

I started playing Futsal when I was 13 through my football coach at the time as he thought it would be a good way for our team to develop our skills so about 8 of us decided to play and I’ve been playing ever since.

Yes I have only played in New Zealand. At Auckland Football Federation Futsal team we won three league titles (2011, 2013 and 2015) and I won the golden boot and league MVP in 2011. I also won NZ Futsal player of the year in 2011 and Oceania Futsal invitational golden boot in 2013.

We know you're also a soccer player. Futsal & soccer, which one is your first option or which do you enjoy more?

It’s a tough one I love them both and it’s never really a case of me liking one better than the other. I always seem to miss one when I’m playing the other one a lot.

New Zealand national team: you have reached 50 caps with the "Futsal Whites" during the international tournament in China. Were you expecting such a brilliant achievement when you started your futsal career? What are the feelings while playing for new Zealand?

No honestly I never really knew how my international Futsal career was going to pan out especially in the early stages when I wasn’t playing a lot (which of course was understandable) but obviously I’m stoked to have managed to stay part of the team for such a long period of time.

I’m alway proud to play Futsal for NZ. It’s nice to know your part of a group that can call themselves the best in the country at any point in time.

Worldwide futsal community welcomed your signing for Murexin AllStars as first ever Oceanian player coming to Europe. How this chance came true? What are you expecting from this new experience?

Basically I decided to come to Europe to try play Futsal and or Football and this opportunity presented itself after I emailed a few clubs once I found out it would be very difficult to play professionally in the likes of Italy or Spain without a EU passport. So hopefully I can take a different route to achieve my goals.
I really just want to experience Futsal from a different perspective and obviously be successful whilst doing so. Joining the current champions gives me a good opportunity to do so.

You have signed for the whole season with Murexin AllStars. So in August you will play the preliminary round of the UEFA Futsal Champions League. Do you know your rivals (Sandefjord from Norway, Kampuksen Dynamo from Finaldn and Encamp from Andorra) in the group? Do you think Murexin can make it to the Main Round? What do you know about your new club, and regarding Austrian and European futsal in general?

From what I hear we have come close the last couple of years narrowly missing out and I do think we can make it out of the group from what I have seen so far. I know Murexin won the Austrian league for the 3rd time (after 08/09 and 11/12 titles).

Rene Gaida, Murexin AllStars head coach and manager, on Manickum signing

Dylan has contacted us and asked for a training period in order to show us his skills. Previously we've also checked some videos and then decided to sign him for our club new season.

I believe he's a top quality futsal player so that we expect that Dylan will help us doing the next step

Dylan Manickum... on target! (Image courtesy: NZF)

Dylan Manickum in action with New Zealand (Photo courtesy: NZF)

Manickum playing in the national league with AFF (Auckland Football Federation Futsal team - Photo courtesy: NZF)

Dylan Manickum, 50 caps with the Futsal Whites (Photo courtesy: NZF)

Dylan Manickum with AFF team (Photo courtesy: NZF)

Dylan Manickum awarded with the "Futsal Whites" National Team (Photo courtesy: NZF)

Manickum playing for New Zealand vs Tahiti (Photo courtesy: NZF)

New Zealand National Futsal Team in the recent international tournament in Changsha, China (Photo courtesy: NZF)

National team: Manickum trying to escape to the Tahitian cage (Photo courtesy: NZF)

Dylan Manickum welcomed by Murexin AllStars head coach Rene Gaida (Photo courtesy: Murexin AllStars)

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