International Competitions - October 31, 2023 21:00Futsalplanet Awards 2022(STILL) Waiting for better timesSpecial thanks to Renè Olsen for all the Awards 2022 images!

Sometimes, you wait a little while
To see what's wrong and right
You wait a little while

Yes, honestly, we were waiting. And hoping.
After two years of pandemic, we couldn't expect the world getting crazy and insane (in another way, even worst) again. But that's the sad reality, and somehow we have to deal with it although is hard to accept.

This edition of the Futsalplanet Awards is dedicated to to all the people whose lives are in danger because we have not learned to live in peace... in 2023!

We wait for better times, will they ever come?

As a sad but true Ken Loach movie says... sorry we missed you.

The celeber Futsalplanet Awards, or maybe not
Also, some needed words on our prizes and on the way they will be developed for the 2022 edition, the 23rd one, as well as for the 2023 edition to be releasead (fingers crossed!) in January 2024.

As you know running our prizes we've never asked for a "special recognition". On the opposite, we have always underlined (until exhaustion, how boring we are!) that the purpose was/is/will be just a way to say a huge "THANK YOU" to this wonderful sport and all the people who contribute to make it the greatest (our humble opinion) one. Nothing is changed, that's the way we still follow.

Regardless of what people can think is a 100% independent media since its birth and even when we got the Awards sponsored by a commercial brand we have been lucky enough to work with smart people who have never imposed a name in the lists of nominees, winners, whatever, as they got the spirit of this initiative.

When we began in 2000 his majesty Manoel Tobias was an absolute futsal idol living "like a complete unknown" outside our small and weak borders. So we wondered... why?
Why not to give some recognition to our idols, if nobody is doing that?

That was just a shy first step, then this insane passion "forced" us to increase the number of categories until the current 14 ones to become 15 in 2023 (see below for more details).

Women's and men's in the pitches and on the benches, referees (a basic part of the game. never forget and learn to respect!), clubs and national teams: we've just tried to celebrate them and pay tribute to the game we love.

Right or wrong, that's what we did.

The social pillory
The modern lifestyle requires us to comment anything on social networks, no longer worrying about disrespect, offenses. The barriers that defended the civic sense have fallen down and everything is admitted.

Opinions, arguments... are not welcome anymore, everything looks like a silly faction battle game where, in order to survive and get your 15 minutes of fame, you must serve your friends and offend your rivals.

Our apologizes, but we're not taking part in this. And we'll never do.

We use social networks of course but we want our website (AND THE GAME!) to stay as "core business" of our passion.

We have never replied to criticism, sarcastic comments or insults: you know that. It's "part of the game", though we don't believe is a useful or right way to stay in it.
Guys, if this is your only contribution to the game please take a break and think if you can do more for OUR FUTSAL. We're sure, you can do that.

But when this goes to people and friends who are just taking part for us in a voting process with the only aim to celebrate the beauty of the game, well...we fell responsible for this. That's why we have taken a painful but right now unavoidable decision for the 2022 and 2023 editions of the Futsalplanet Awards: see next chapter.

No voting process, usual nominees choice. Your ego is not bigger than the game
In this edition of the Awards nothing will change about the nominees, we will release them as usual. We've always told, though somebody still pretend to ignore it when convenient, that our choice is the result of all the games and competitions we follow during the year plus the opinions and contributions of our contacts network all around the world. It's self-evident that when you list ten players there are at least 50 or more who are left out though deserving to be there as well, isn't it?

So, sorry if you disagree with our choices but these are the Awards and we take the responsibility for our work.

Also, we do not believe the credibility of our work can depend on the name of a winner or another.

Believe it or not, we have no preferences at all on who's winning our prizes: brazilian or portuguese, argentinean or spanish or whatever. We include all of you under a common planet called futsal, the place where we want to share our passion.

Self-esteem is a common point between outstanding players but some limits should be set and we will always celebrate OUR GAME above individuals.

Last but not least: for all the reasons mentioned in the previous point there will be no voting process in 2022 and 2023 editions: few days after the nominees release, we will announce the winners (no 2nd-10th place ranking therefore).

Note: Following FIFA and UEFA suspensions, Russian competitions won't be included in the 2022 and 2023 nominees evaluation, this applies also to other nationality individuals involved in Russian domestic competitions/selections.

In the name of Pietra and Damaris
Now, let's end with the "bitter topics" and focus on what really matters. We're proud to announce that in the edition 2023 (not in the 2022) of the Futsalplanet Awards we will have a new category of our prizes.

It was a necessary step and a responsibility that we felt was ours. So we're going to introduce "The Best Women's Young Player in the World" award, reaching in this way the same recognition (7 categories each) for
both women's and men's futsal, as it should be.

So many young girls dream about becoming the next futsal star, and the introduction of the FIFA Futsal Women's World Cup can finally provide a strong impulse to their goals.

The same dreams of Pietra and Damaris, to whom this new category of our awards will be dedicated.

Pietra Medeiros, 20 years old, was already "a name" in Brazilian futsal with Taboão da Serra and she was starting to shine on the international stage as well.

Damaris Bermejo was just a 9 years old girl with the dream to become like her Futsi Navalcarnero first team idols, and in a club like that, she would have surely succeeded.

Life is sometimes so unfair that we're unable to understand, but we can keep at least the memories alive and celebrate their young lives in the years to come.

Pietra, Damaris: you won't be forgotten! Futsal people, our people.

Pietra Medeiros and Damaris Bermejo (Photos: Conmebol & Futsi Navalcarnero)

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